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Hire the Next Generation

Given the current environment of the policing profession, recruiting the next generation of police officers is more difficult than ever. One part of the selection process that should neither be rushed nor short changed is the background investigation. Background investigations play a critical role in ensuring the integrity of the process. To make a valid evaluation of the individual, it is crucial that as much information as possible be known and that the investigation be of high quality. Many agencies say they cannot afford to do a comprehensive background investigation when the reality is, you cannot afford not to do a background investigation. This background investigation can help you find candidates who have the education, skills, and personality necessary to fill the position. It will also help identify any issues of reputation, integrity or trustworthiness that could potentially put the agency at risk of liability.

Our Services Help You

Listen to PATC Background Investigations on PATC Podcast featuring lead investigator Tim Randall

  • Make fair, informed decisions and hire qualified candidates

  • Protect your agency against liability claims

  • Comply with federal, state, local and NCIC rules

  • Reduce turnover

  • Reducing disciplines for misconduct

  • Rejecting bad applicants with minimal investment

  • Measuring the applicant's current value system

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